Why a Mirror On A Rope®?

Why do we feel that Mirror On A Rope® makes the best fog free shower shaving mirrors out there for men and women? If you can shave with one hand and hold a mirror with the other the rest is obvious when you use one.


  • Showers lack light but provided you have electricity and a light bulb they all of some light.  Face towards the light and with a Mirror On A Rope mirror and you can use the existing light in the bathroom to see yourself.  You don't have shadows and you don't need a flashlight that costs as much as the mirror or more.
  • It won't fog.  Really it won't.  Hold the mirror in the warm water of the shower for a few seconds, near the shower nozzle is best and once its warm it won't fog.  Sort of like heating your car windows when they fog.
  • If they drop they won't break but they won't drop because they are on a rope.
  • The backs won't scratch because they are made of printed vinyl. 
  • The ReflectX travels easily in it's included microfiber pouch.  So take them to your girlfriends, your boyfriends, vacation or to the gym.
  • There are enough color and design options to please any ones tastes.
  • ReflectX and ReflectXD are designed to be simple.  They won't play a CD or make you coffee but you will be able to see yourself in the shower when you shave.  Isn't that really what you want anyway.
  • Mirror On A Rope products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in CT. with components made in CA, MA NC and yes China and Japan.