The following Questions and Answers are from real questions (mostly) that we've had since the founding of Mirror On A Rope in 2010.

1. Question:  The name of your product is crooked on the mirror back.  Most companies have their logos flat.  What's the deal?
Hang the mirror by its rope.  Does it still look crooked?

2. Question:  Why do you make your products in the U.S. when you could have little kids make them for you for in far away lands for less money?
        Answer:  I have a conscience.

3. Question:  I could shave my &@||$ with that couldn't I?
        Answer:  Yes, from the right angle you could see your &@||$ and shave them.

4.  Question:  I really like your mirrors.  Can I have some for free?
        Answer:  That depends.  Send questions@MirrorOnARope.com an email and ask us how you can be part of the Mirror On A Rope product reviewer program.  If you qualify you can select free Mirror On A Rope products to review.  The feedback makes our products better and who doesn't like free stuff?

5. Question:  Are your mirrors for sale yet?  You've been working on that for ages.
        Answer: Yes.

6. Question:  What makes the mirror not break?
        Answer:  They are made of acrylic.

7. Question:  How long will the print last on the mirror back?
        Answer:  The print is designed to last for years in an outdoor environment and will continue to prevent scratches on the paint underneath it even after the print wears away.

8.  Question:  What's the best way to clean the mirror?
        Answer:  Use your bath towel right after you shower with it.   Just wipe it off.  You can also use its included microfiber bag to clean it like you might with a pair of sunglasses.

9.  Question:  Wouldn't it use more hot water to shave in the shower?
        Answer:   No, bring a cup, mug or bowl with you into the shower and turn the water off when you don't need it.

10.  Question:  What if there is something wrong with my product and I want to return it?
        Answer:   We have a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee policy.

11.  Question:  Can I manscape with ReflectX?
        Answer:   Please refer to question number 3...  And women can see and shave their bikini lines with it.

12.  Question:  I've seen other companies describe their mirrors as unbreakable but you don't make this claim.  Aren't their mirrors better quality then?
        Answer:   No, it means that the other companies are stretching the truth in order to get you as a customer.  Acrylic is not unbreakable but our tests have shown that falls from over 35 feet onto asphalt will only rarely chip an acrylic mirror.  Mirror On A Rope uses the best quality acrylic available and we've not seen a shower mirror that can match ours with scratch resistance and reflective quality.  Most shower mirrors are made with paper thin acrylic mirror and are held within a frame to protect them and to help keep them from warping into a fun house mirror. 

13.  Question:  What makes ReflectXD scratch resistant?
        Answer:   The mirror used in our ReflectXD mirrors is coated with a scratch resistant coating that still allows for a perfect reflection.  Its scratch resistance is similar to that of glass but the mirror is still acrylic and is extremely durable.

14.  Question:  Does Mirror On A Rope try to be Green?
        Answer:   Absolutely, Mirror On A Rope seeks out cutting edge technologies that are greener than older technologies.   

15.  Question:  Is it beneficial to have a bigger mirror like your ReflectXL when I shave in the shower?
        Answer:   It could be.  A bigger mirror could be really good for seeing someone sneak up behind you when you are showering.  You never know if some kind of swamp monster will emerge from your toilet during your shave.  Otherwise, as long as the mirror is wider than the distance between your eyes you can see your whole face with both eyes.  With our smallest mirrors you can see your whole face just fine with both eyes.  Some people think that bigger is better and others are worried about swamp monsters.  We want to make mirrors for everyone so we introduced the ReflectXL.

16.  Question:  What is the back of the mirror made out of?
        Answer:   The back is made from the best car and boat wrap material available today.  It is then printed and laminated to your mirror to protect the mirror's paint from scratching and to make the back look great.