About Us

The idea for Mirror On A Rope came about back in 1994 after the eventual founder of the company discovered an old ESM/1 (Emergency Signal Mirror/1) for shaving. The ESM/1 was a military surplus mirror made of plate glass, it had cross hairs for aiming it and its back was painted with lacquer. As Dave, Mirror On A Rope’s founder, immediately realized, the ESM/1 was great for shaving in the shower. All that you needed to do to make it work was heat it under warm water and keep it clean. It didn’t fog and it didn’t drop since it was on a rope. It was a great solution to shower shaving.


The Signal mirror did have a few flaws however and after a few years of use, the rope for the mirror mildewed through and the the mirror dropped and broke.

Dave had felt that the mirror had been better than anything previously designed for the task of shaving in the shower and after trying and failing to replace it with a similar mirror only one solution remained for him to attain his perfect shave.  He needed to produce one himself but this time he'd address the flaws he'd found in the ESM/1 with better materials and a better design. The flaws in the ESM/1 included:

  • Being made of plate glass the mirror was potentially dangerous if it was dropped.
  • The lacquer backing on the mirror scratched through too easily and reduced the reflective surface of the mirror.
  • The rope was too flimsy and could rot from mildew.
  • It was a risk taking the mirror on the road because it was made of glass.
  • It was heavy.

During Dave's research into the task of building himself a better shower mirror than any he'd ever seen before, the idea of bringing the pleasure of shaving with a Mirror On A Rope to the world was born.  Dave was so pleased with his designs that he knew others would love them too.

After two years of prototyping and testing, Mirror On A Rope® introduced ReflectX and ReflectXD.  ReflectX and ReflectXD are designed to simply be the best all around options for fog free shower shaving for men and women.  All of the issues with the ESM/1 were addressed.  There were no compromises.

  • Being made of acrylic the mirror isn't potentially dangerous if it's dropped.
  • The vinyl backing on the mirror is scratch resistant and maintains the reflective surface of the mirror from the back.
  • The 550 para-cord rope is mildew resistant so the rope won't break after years in a wet environment.
  • Taking the mirror on the road couldn't be easier with it's included microfiber bag.
  • It's light. 
  • Acrylic is more easily scratched than glass so the option of scratch resistant acrylic is available with the ReflectXD versions.

At Mirror On A Rope we're passionate about providing products that will help you attain the best shave possible.